I offer subtitling from FRENCH and GERMAN – into my mother tongue, ENGLISH as well as text translations and audio description scripting.

Why the art of subtitling?

Subtitling is an art because, along with an in-depth knowledge of the relevant languages, creativity and sensitivity are needed to catch and convey the right tone and voice of a character. Dialogue with wordplay often calls for ingenuity too. A feel for the rhythm of the film is crucial so that subtitles match this and do not distract from it.

Subtitling is also a craft because of the technical knowledge required to accurately time, or spot, subtitles and the feat of condensing dialogue  to fit the constraints of time and space and yet still accurately convey the meaning is a skill that is honed with experience. Fitting the dialogue onto two lines of 40 characters is a constant challenge which, when met, brings its own intellectual rewards for the subtitler and ensures that the viewer is offered time to both read the subtitle and absorb the image.

Many, most films also require a degree of research, whether in terms of the language or cultural information, for example.
My love lies with feature films and documentaries. Always something to be moved by, always something to learn, always a new linguistic challenge.

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