Rosi Jillett
Translation from French and German to English
Subtitling    Audio Description

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A bit about me

I studied Modern Languages at Oxford University back in the 1980s and have lived in France, Germany, Italy, active for years in language teaching and publishing before finally following my dream of working as a subtitler, translating films from French and German into English. A Masters in Screen Translation Studies at Leeds University and six months as an intern at the European Captioning Institute in London were my starting points.  Since then 13 years of work I love – shorts, features, documentaries.  I spend several months each year in France and Germany to keep my foreign languages current as well as time in the UK to ensure my mother tongue flows naturally. I collaborate with French and German native-speakers to ensure I fully understand cultural and linguistic nuances in the original so I can convey these in my translations. I greatly appreciate being able to work with directors to help medo justice to their films.

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