What makes writing scripts for audio description so rewarding?

It is knowing that the audio description can make a film accessible to those who are visually impaired.

It is also the challenge of crafting clear, informative and engaging descriptions in the gaps between the dialogue and sound effects and doing this in language that reflects the film’s tone and soul.

I was fortunate enough to be trained in Audio Description scripting by one of the most talented authorities in the field, Veronika Hyks, and have had the privilege of writing audio description scripts for a number of major feature films including the powerful and hard-hitting award-winning Hunger which posed a different challenge with its largely dialogue-free action.

My most recent audio description is for a heart-rending and heart-warming feature film Mia And The White Lion.

A selection of audio description scripts:

2018 Mia and The White Lion (Gilles de Maistre)

2016 American Honey (Andrea Arnold)

2016 Mindhorn (Sean Foley)

2015 London Road (Rufus Norris)

2015 Remainder (Omer Fast)

2015 Suffragette (Sarah Gavron)

2015 The Ones Below (David Farr)

2015 Just Jim (Craig Roberts)

2015 The Divide (feature documentary) (Katherine Round)

2010 Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark (Troy Nixey)

2008 Man On Wire (James Marsh)

2008 Hunger (Steve McQueen)

2008 Be Kind Rewind  (Michel Gondry)

2007 In The Hands Of The Gods (Benjamin and Gabe Turner)